Pocket Full Of Sunshine

Aruba, Jamaica.. Ooo I wanna take her


I love it. It’s so BLUE! Although I do look 5! I think I’m gonna change it lol.


A day in the life of (part2)

Me: What comes after 4?
Dalal: 3… 6… Ummm 5!!! 5!!!!


Dalal: Noor, pick a colour between 1 and 5…
Me: Emmm 7!


Me: You’re so mean!
Dalal: I’m not mean, I’m just being myself!


D: Noor… Noooor!! NOOOR!! NOOOOOOOOR!!!
Me: (Still half asleep) hmm?
D: What’s wrong with you? Do your ears stop working when you’re asleep?
Me: Emmm, naturally.



So other than the ridiculous cat incident, the highlights of my weekend are:

– I finally got my number back, I hadn’t been using it for a while and they disconnected it for some reason and I had to buy it back (how ridiculous)
I don’t like the packaging at all, I feel they could have done it so much better. I feel the logo would have been so much nicer if it had been placed at the bottom, either the left hand side or the right, it doesn’t matter, because right now it looks like it’s hanging from something. The text where it says Postpaid is too big and is again also floating in the middle of nowhere. The visual is just plain ugly, it really doesn’t show beauty or “A wonderful world” (their tagline) What happened to just a picture of clouds in the sky, or a kid with a balloon, blah blah blah the cliches (to go with their cliche tagline) are endless, they could have picked any of them. That’s just my opinion though.


– I went to the airport the other day to drop a friend off and I went into the Casio store, I saw the Baby G watch I used to have back in my early high school days and I fell inlove all over again, I didn’t want to buy it because I thought what’s the point since I’m going to get bored of it anyways, but I kept thinking about it ( ūüė¶ ) so at around 11ish my mum was having problems synchronising info from her old phone to her newly purchased one so I thought yay! I can go buy my watch since all I’ve been doing is thinking about her, so I did and I love it, although I will get bored of it in a grand total of 4 hours, everytime I look at it I will remember the old days! – I think I’m going to call her Betty



– I’m inlove with this milkshake from Hardees, they’re so much yummier than the ones from McDonalds, the ones from McDonalds taste like it’s from a machine. The ones from Hardees are yummy and filling, it’s like a meal on its own.


Strawberry fields forever

The scariest thing happened to me today, I was getting dressed to go out and I called the driver and told him I was coming out in 5 minutes so I go out and he was sitting in the car and he’d left the car door open for me so I sat down, closed the door and he started driving, before we got to the end of the driveway this ‘thing’ jumped on me, I was scared shitless! I screamed so loud I think my drivers heart stopped, and I probably said every curse word in the dictionary. It was this white creature, he kept asking me what’s wrong but I was too busy cursing and was in shock so I couldn’t open the door, I screamed at him I was like “OPEN THE DOOR!!!!!!!” I’d completly forgotten the fact that my driver is egyptian and doesn’t speak a word of english, very useful since when I’m scared/nervous I can never speak in arabic. I eventually opened the door and this cat runs out of the car, poor thing she/he was so scared. The only reason I was so scared is ‘cos I had no idea it was a cat.


Title: Strawberry fields – The beatles

A day in the life of (Part1)

Everytime my blonde friends say something stupid I’m gonna put it here. This is part 1, you’d be surprised at the stupidity of it all.


D: What does ATM stand for?
Sunshine: Automated teller machine.
D: Oh really? (surprised look on her face) I thought it meant ‘At The Machine’
Sunshine: Dee, what do you mean At The Machine?
D: Umm like ‘At The Machine’ you get your money…


P.S: I’m not a geek, it’s just one of those stupid facts I know for no reason at all like the king of hearts in a deck of cards is the only one without a mustache.

I like apple pie and you like banoffee

I’m not really that into photography but I like having my camera around and when I see something I like, I take a picture. So here a few of my favourites, I promise to post more soon, maybe a weekly thing, I don’t know yet.
PS: Don’t judge, I’m not a professional nor am I claiming to be. ūüėÄ





Song in the title is fag hag – lily allen I love it!


A. Available or Single? Single.
B. Best Friends? My life.
C. Cake or Pie? Bake a cake then give it to someone.
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The Beginning of an Apocalypse


¬†So I did eventually go to the doctor although I was late. Sooo, I went inside she poked around my stomach, did a sonogram,¬†asked a couple of questions and we were done. So now, what I don’t understand is the following:

Why doesn’t she have a solution for the pain I’m in?

Why after 15 days and all these tests does she not know what’s wrong with me?

Why would she put me (yet again) on an antibiotic course when I QUOTE! “I’m not sure if this antibiotic will clear what’s wrong with you because I don’t really know what’s wrong with you, but it’s okay, don’t worry because the worst thing that can happen from this medicine is nothing” says Mrs know it all as she flashes me a smile with her mustache.

Why is this happening to me?

If after 7 days of this medicine I’m on, the pain doesn’t go away I will have to do a CT scan, if they still don’t know what’s wrong with me then I have to do a small operation where they make an incision in my abdomen and they will have to manually check to¬†see what’s causing me this pain.¬†¬†I’m scared shitless. I hate her, stupid mustache lady.¬†

I still don’t understand why¬†even in proper hospitals I have to deal with this crap, where the doctors are supposedly very well educated. If I’m at a crap hospital I would understand but I’m not.

I wouldn’t mind going on this stupid antibiotic if it didn’t have any side effects (headaches, dizziness, fatigue, insomnia, agitation, confusion, loss of appetite, impaired¬†sense of taste and smell¬†– to mention a few) and the list goes on and on and on and on, it’s about an entire page of just side effects.

Seriously I wouldn’t complain if this medicine would cure me, but the fact that she’s using me as a¬†guinea pig¬†¬†really pisses me off.


Flying Solo

It’s almost half past 11, I need to be at the doctors at 12, I’m still in my pyjamas. I’m so in denial because I really don’t want to go alone and everyone I know is too busy to take me. I’m finding out today wether those stupid pills she gave me actually worked.
Oh well… Wish me luck!