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Rain, rain, go away come again another day…

I don’t think anyone hates the rain as much as I do. The weather is one of the only handful of reasons I like Kuwait, I need SUNSHINE! I wanna go to the beach, I wanna tan, I wanna wear summer dresses.


If it makes you happy then it can’t be that bad

I’m currently curled up in bed with my laptop, something I haven’t done for a while and Angelo is curled up next to my feet! Some people like to listen to music to relax after a long day, some people like silence..  I like going to bed and putting my iPod on but not in my ears with my cats falling asleep at my feet…


What was that freaky storm all about 2 nights ago? It really gave me a fright!! I left about half an hour after the rain stopped and I saw all the signs and trees and things on the roads, it was scary… Kinda like a scene from a movie… Hmmm too bad it didn’t knock down a couple of speed cameras… I felt so out of place I was driving and listening to Lily Allen and everyone was upset and still in shock but I was so full of sunshine and I was happy (not because of the storm) If you like british pop download these songs by Lily Allen: LDN, Smile, Knock em out, Everything’s just wonderful, Take what you take..  http://lilyallenmusic.com/emi-site/site.php?page=blog – Lilys blog

Oh and I went to have a quick cup of coffee the other day at Chocolate Bar in Bidi3 and honey I don’t care if you have a body like Naomi… You just can’t wear a dress that tight… Naomi could get away with it, YOU can’t! Maybe if it wasn’t such a shocking metallic gold and you didn’t wear matching lipstick it would be better but still, that outfit was just screaming NOTICE ME!! Coming to think about it. Isn’t that what we all want? People to notice us? Why do we pause and think about what we’re gonna wear instead of just shoving anything on? Is it to look presentable? Is it to impress people? Do we act in a certain way to appeal to others? 

Anyone remember Tragic Kingdom by No Doubt?


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