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So other than the ridiculous cat incident, the highlights of my weekend are:

– I finally got my number back, I hadn’t been using it for a while and they disconnected it for some reason and I had to buy it back (how ridiculous)
I don’t like the packaging at all, I feel they could have done it so much better. I feel the logo would have been so much nicer if it had been placed at the bottom, either the left hand side or the right, it doesn’t matter, because right now it looks like it’s hanging from something. The text where it says Postpaid is too big and is again also floating in the middle of nowhere. The visual is just plain ugly, it really doesn’t show beauty or “A wonderful world” (their tagline) What happened to just a picture of clouds in the sky, or a kid with a balloon, blah blah blah the cliches (to go with their cliche tagline) are endless, they could have picked any of them. That’s just my opinion though.


– I went to the airport the other day to drop a friend off and I went into the Casio store, I saw the Baby G watch I used to have back in my early high school days and I fell inlove all over again, I didn’t want to buy it because I thought what’s the point since I’m going to get bored of it anyways, but I kept thinking about it ( ūüė¶ ) so at around 11ish my mum was having problems synchronising info from her old phone to her newly purchased one so I thought yay! I can go buy my watch since all I’ve been doing is thinking about her, so I did and I love it, although I will get bored of it in a grand total of 4 hours, everytime I look at it I will remember the old days! – I think I’m going to call her Betty



– I’m inlove with this milkshake from Hardees, they’re so much yummier than the ones from McDonalds, the ones from McDonalds taste like it’s from a machine. The ones from Hardees are yummy and filling, it’s like a meal on its own.



Choowy Goowy!

So to say I’ve had a couple of bad days would be an understatement yesterday so¬†I decided with a colleague of mine to order Choowy Goowy cookies and brownies.

The choowy goowy dude called me at 8:53 and I was asleep (I’m supposed to be at work at 9). So basically if he didn’t call I would have never made it to work. I will leave you with some pictures and things people said after tasting them:


S: Are they nice?
D: Re-phrase your question to how nice are they?

D: It’s like an explosion of mini orgasms in my mouth

And the long silence with the infamous mmmmmm after a while

N: Don’t talk to me right now, I’m savouring this moment!


Personally, Rocky Road is my favorite there is no other cookie/brownie/cupcake in the WORLD that tops it! The Choco Loco is nice but doesn’t stay as soft as Rocky Road after a while so is best eaten fresh. The brownies were heavenly, but we asked for caramel sauce which in my opinion would taste better with brownies but it wasn’t available at the time that we ordered. The chocolate sauce tastes amazing but could use a little work, not in the taste but in the texture, it’s too runny, but nevertheless delicious!

Suggestion: Try implementing the rocky road recipe into a brownie! Mmmm toffee with marshmallows in a brownie!



Choowy Goowy’s number: 2626559

But make sure you make your order one day in advance! You will not regret it! Trust me!

Words are useless especially sentences…

Interesting weekend… Went out with family to Colour Me Mine, I made myself a mug and I painted something for my sister which is a surprise until I see her in August, I know she reads my blog. While waiting for my other sister to finish painting the most detailed ceramic in the entire store I painted a peace sign, my mum added ‘of shit’ lol.

Different to my usual weekend routine. You have to keep the ceramics there for an entire week because they put them in some sort of an oven. I will post the pics when I get them.


I made chocolate cake with cream cheese and cinnamon. I got positive feedback from it…



I also made pasta with garlic and tomato. I put two small portions aside, one for work on Sunday and one from Monday and left the rest for everyone else.




Does anyone remember International Velvet and National Velvet? National Velvet came out in 1944, the sequel came out in 1978. My mum used to watch them then when I started horse riding she passed the video tapes down to me, I watched these movies over and over and over and over again. I used to watched them so many times that I memorised the lines, scenes, everything. Sadly though I lost the videotape when I was about 11. Which is when I stopped horse riding. I wish I could start again, I think about it alot. I found them on Amazon and I will be ordering them very soon.


Slider Station

Went to Slider Station last night with the girls all I can say is amazing food, amazing service, amazing music. It’s my favorite burger joint in Kuwait and in my top 5 restaurants.


  • Cheese
  • Dynamite
  • Midnight
  • West Coast

Side Orders

  • Shoe String Fries
  • Slider Station Fresh Fries
  • Dynamite Nachos
  • Black Pepper Tenderloin Lollipops

Everything was perfect except the steak tenderloins weren’t well done. Their food is very filling and 2 sliders is more than enough to fill you up. I would reccomend slider station any day. If your gonna go¬†especially on the weekend you should call ahead of time and make a reservation (2465047) If going with a big group of people, get a table don’t sit on the conveyor belt ‘cos it’ll be hard to communicate!