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I’ll take everything

. I’ve been addicted to listening to A and B in the car for 2/3 days now
. Today’s gonna be a long day.. no idea when I’m going home, maybe past midnight :S
. I love love Mika’s album Life in cartoon motion
. I got the nicest compliment yesterday… This stranger-ish told me I have beautiful eyes and that my eyes are deep and say a thousand words or something like that.. Sweet of him but kinda creepy :S
. I’ve got a dinner-party-event thing on the 16th.. Doesn’t say what the dress code is.. Is it better to be over dressed or under dressed?
. Hotmail isn’t working today.. anyone have the same problem?


Your journey’s been etched on your skin

I sat in the bathroom last night at 12 pm for half an hour with hair dye in my hair not knowing what color it was. I’m not crazy but when sh** hits the fan I tend to take it out on my hair, be it hair dye or crazy hair cuts. Fortunatly the color came to a really nice light-ish brown. It’s the rush I get when I’m washing out my hair and I can’t wait to get out and dry my hair to see the color.

How do you take your anger out? Do you drive 280 km/h down the road to no where? Do you eat till your gonna pop? Do you take your anger out on other people?

Enlighten me

I wish I was my age now but in the 70’s…