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I like apple pie and you like banoffee

I’m not really that into photography but I like having my camera around and when I see something I like, I take a picture. So here a few of my favourites, I promise to post more soon, maybe a weekly thing, I don’t know yet.
PS: Don’t judge, I’m not a professional nor am I claiming to be. ūüėÄ





Song in the title is fag hag – lily allen I love it!


Words are useless especially sentences…

Interesting weekend… Went out with family to Colour Me Mine, I made myself a mug and I painted something for my sister which is a surprise until I see her in August, I know she reads my blog. While waiting for my other sister to finish painting the most detailed ceramic in the entire store I painted a peace sign, my mum added ‘of shit’ lol.

Different to my usual weekend routine. You have to keep the ceramics there for an entire week because they put them in some sort of an oven. I will post the pics when I get them.


I made chocolate cake with cream cheese and cinnamon. I got positive feedback from it…



I also made pasta with garlic and tomato. I put two small portions aside, one for work on Sunday and one from Monday and left the rest for everyone else.




Does anyone remember International Velvet and National Velvet? National Velvet came out in 1944, the sequel came out in 1978. My mum used to watch them then when I started horse riding she passed the video tapes down to me, I watched these movies over and over and over and over again. I used to watched them so many times that I memorised the lines, scenes, everything. Sadly though I lost the videotape when I was about 11. Which is when I stopped horse riding. I wish I could start again, I think about it alot. I found them on Amazon and I will be ordering them very soon.


If you’ve got the poison then I’ve got the remedy

I finally put up some of the pics from Bombay¬†on Flickr here‘s the link. Unfortunatly we weren’t there for long enough to go sight seeing. Hopefully¬†closer to¬†the end of the year I will get to go again.

You can’t help that, we’re all mad here!

These are just some random pictures I took of my cats¬†while messing around with my camera a while ago…


(Priceless expression!)




(Just woke up)


(My man)

The quote in the title is from Alice in wonderland… Remember The cheshire cat?