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M.I.A (sorta!)

So I know I haven’t posted for a little while, I know, je suis tres desole! But I have an excuse I promise, first of all Twittering straight from my BB is so much easier, I have this test in a few weeks that I’ve been studying so hard for that it’s taking up ALL my time.. Anywhoo you’ve all been missed, I bought the books below recently, I’m still collecting more for the summer, Love Letters of Great Men I need for inspiration, Breaking Dawn is part 4 of the Twilight saga, I still need to buy New Moon and Eclipse. Chasing Harry Winston is by the same author who wrote Devil Wears Prada, not that I enjoyed that book or anything but I have the other 2 books she wrote with a very similar cover, so I thought why not? Lets see what she has to say, I don’t have to finish it if I find it boring. I still have a truck load of books I need before summer officially kicks in, I just want to sit on the beach and read my books, although I’m still skeptical as to wether I want my tan back this summer or not. I’m borderline turning into Bella from Twilight kind of white, I don’t know.. Tell me what you think? To tan or not to tan?



all the lights that lead us there are blinding

– After making a really silly mistake of having some pink pasta and hot chocolate yesterday I was in alot of pain, which resulted in another sleepless night.
The pain got much better towards the end of today so I decided I’d go out for a walk, as I approached the end of the road I saw the mark on the walk way where I start jogging so I thought ok I’ll jog slowly, no harm in that… Little did I know that my slow jog excelled and before I knew it an ‘A State of Trance’ episode was playing and pumped the adrenaline into my head and I ran all the way home. It was relieving to say the least, I knew it would hurt but thank God the¬†worstpain only lasted about 20 minutes and now there’s just that other constant pain that I can’t do anything about. It was worth it though, every itsy-bitsy second of it.

– I hope it doesn’t rain on Saturday, cos if it does jetskiing is cancelled ūüė¶

– Wonderwall – Oasis. This song is my new obsession the lyrics are really nice.

– I’m not crazy about rock music but lately I’ve really been enjoying listening to Marilyn Manson, his lyrics are unbelievable. Blasphemous at times but interesting.

– The FIRST thing I’m doing when I can eat properly is going to Gaucho Grill. Beef sirloin medium well with pepper sauce… Heavenly.

– I wanna go to Vegas!!

Random Thoughts

I wish I could do anything productive but I just can’t, I finished Ugly Betty today, watched a few movies and then I spoke to my friend on the phone as I sat and watched the people on the walking road jog and wished it was me ūüė¶ Yes, yes, laugh all you want.

As soon as I get better I decided I want to buy a cycle and go cycling at night. I also¬†decided I’m going jet skiing on Saturday no matter how much pain I’m in, I just can’t stay at home with no activity, it’s more tiring then going out.
I’m also craving Slider Station, good luck trying to get a table on a weekend, and if you do get a reservation good luck trying to get in without¬†the evil stares¬†unless you’re armed with 5 inch heels, bright red lipstick and Amy Winehouse hair.



I get by with a little help from my friends…

I woke up yesterday with an excruciating pain in my side, I left the house and went straight to the hospital. They gave me an injection which was apparently a very strong pain killer but it didn’t work because I was in severe agonizing pain, so they gave me another one and then put me on a drip which is when I calmed down. So after that was done they took me to get (yet another) sonogram, as usual nothing was found, around 2 hours later the pain started kicking in again so I got another 2 shots and another drip. A little while after that they sent me home… At around 1 am I was feeling really weak and light headed because everything I ate I would throw it up 10 minutes later. So I went to the hospital again and left at the early hours of the morning, they gave me another shot that would help with the pain, and another one that stops my vomiting. I fell asleep at around 5 maybe and didn’t wake up until about 10 the next night…right now its 12:45 and I’ve only been up for 3 hours and I’m already feeling sleepy… Thank God for my BlackBerry otherwise I would be bored out of my mind… And I missed my sisters performance ūüė¶ I feel so bad… I’ll blog again tomorrow or when I wake up…
Sorry if there’s any typos I’m still strung out on meds.

17 tracks & I’ve had it with this game, I’m breaking my back just to know your name.

The song in the title (Somebody told me – The Killers) has been stuck in my head literally all day, I was out for a jog and I had it on repeat, I’ve probably listened to it at least¬†20 times.
I found a use for my watch! I can use it when I go out jogging. I like timing how long it takes me to jog from one end to the other, I have this specific place where I start jogging and it ends at the entrance of my house, so usually I time it on the stop watch on my iPod (weird I know, but I like timing my progress and noting it down and figuring out a pattern), the watch I feel is much easier to deal with since I can keep changing songs on my iPod without having to go back to the stopwatch application.

My younger sister has her first performance tomorrow playing the violin, I’m so excited! I can’t wait to see her play.

The Beginning of an Apocalypse


¬†So I did eventually go to the doctor although I was late. Sooo, I went inside she poked around my stomach, did a sonogram,¬†asked a couple of questions and we were done. So now, what I don’t understand is the following:

Why doesn’t she have a solution for the pain I’m in?

Why after 15 days and all these tests does she not know what’s wrong with me?

Why would she put me (yet again) on an antibiotic course when I QUOTE! “I’m not sure if this antibiotic will clear what’s wrong with you because I don’t really know what’s wrong with you, but it’s okay, don’t worry because the worst thing that can happen from this medicine is nothing” says Mrs know it all as she flashes me a smile with her mustache.

Why is this happening to me?

If after 7 days of this medicine I’m on, the pain doesn’t go away I will have to do a CT scan, if they still don’t know what’s wrong with me then I have to do a small operation where they make an incision in my abdomen and they will have to manually check to¬†see what’s causing me this pain.¬†¬†I’m scared shitless. I hate her, stupid mustache lady.¬†

I still don’t understand why¬†even in proper hospitals I have to deal with this crap, where the doctors are supposedly very well educated. If I’m at a crap hospital I would understand but I’m not.

I wouldn’t mind going on this stupid antibiotic if it didn’t have any side effects (headaches, dizziness, fatigue, insomnia, agitation, confusion, loss of appetite, impaired¬†sense of taste and smell¬†– to mention a few) and the list goes on and on and on and on, it’s about an entire page of just side effects.

Seriously I wouldn’t complain if this medicine would cure me, but the fact that she’s using me as a¬†guinea pig¬†¬†really pisses me off.


Flying Solo

It’s almost half past 11, I need to be at the doctors at 12, I’m still in my pyjamas. I’m so in denial because I really don’t want to go alone and everyone I know is too busy to take me. I’m finding out today wether those stupid pills she gave me actually worked.
Oh well… Wish me luck!

Miles Away

Everyday when the sun goes down I go for a jog, luckily my house is right on the mamsha (walking road) so it’s convenient for me. I’ve started to get muscle cramps in my legs after walking so today I passed by Boots with a friend of mine and asked the pharmacist what I should do, he told me take Brufen. I looked at him for a while but decided to not say anything, because I’m a very temperamental person. I might not be a doctor but I know I need something other than Brufen for muscle pains, but then again there’s a reason why he’s a pharmacist and not a doctor ūüėÄ

In a nut shell

So in a nut shell I feel like crap! I’ve been taking this medication for almost¬†10 days now and it is EXHILERATING I can’t sleep until the early hours of the morning and have no energy to do anything what so ever, I’m nauseated most of the time¬†but this should all be over in 2 days…

Anywhoo! I have found my favourite drink for the summer (ironically there’s a Santa Claus on it)dsc02873

Second of all I love my BB and the feeling is mutual, I got it I think 2 years ago, before the BB craze, and I fell in love, it doesn’t have a camera, it tends to lag sometimes, some of the¬†keys have been¬†worn off¬†due to excessive typing¬†but I love it, I have almost 2 years worth of text messages in it, thousands of notes and my calendar is synced and organised to my life, I don’t think I could ever let it go, besides the Bold, storm and all the rest of them are tooo high tech for me.


I’m finally glad my hair has grown thanks to ‘fast’ (available at boots pharmacy) but since alot of people know I’m addicted to colouring my hair, I kind of dyed it black a few months ago and now no matter what colour I use it doesn’t stick except for recently when I dyed it a deep purple, so now where my roots have come out it’s a really deep red and the rest of my hair is black, it doesn’t look that bad, and you can’t notice it unless I’m in the sun AND I point it out. The only thing is I’m bored, I wanna dye my hair ūüė¶ Any suggestions?


And last but not least I’m sure alot of you remember Angelo (my cat not the blogger) ya well he has very strange sleeping habits, he tends to sleep like a human, does any one have any cats that have weird habits like this? Angelo really likes human food, he thinks he’s a human, it worries me sometimes.


My latest addiction! Just keep in mind the following

Printing the picture at student centre – 200 fils
Petrol to drive down to the shooting range – 5 KD
Cost of a pistol and 20 9mm bullets – 6 KD
The look on the persons face when they walk in on you shooting a picture of them РPRICELESS!