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Amazing awareness campaign!

I’m on my Blackberry right now so I can’t really be bothered to write so much, just watch this video on YouTube its AMAZING, let’s just hope it will have an overall effect on the public. Chances are? : )

Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ienYpISHLg0


Cheftak 3a chefeta, cheftak kachaftak…

Soap Kills are an Indie-rock Lebanese band who play Trip-hop and electro music.

I fell in love with their music instantly when I first heard it a couple of years back in Lebanon. I just thought of writing this post seeing as not alot of people know about them.

These are my favorite songs:

Leh Zaalan
Flower Juice

This is the link to Yasmine and Zeids MySpace page where you can find their music players… And this is the link to their blog!

Somewhere Over The Rainbow

I took this from HEspeaks’s blog, it’s edited though… It’s a list of my top 5 favorites


Top 5 things on my wish list (take note mama, I know you’re reading this :P) :

  • Ferrari Scaglietti 612 – A very very dark navy blue with beige interior
  • A house in Mallorca, Spain.
  • www.graffdiamonds.com

I couldn’t write 5.. See, I don’t ask for much!


Top 5 cities (that I’ve been to):

  • Venice – Italy
  • Mallorca – Spain
  • London – England
  • Jbeil/Beirut – Lebanon
  • Florence – Italy

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I went for a drive yesterday with a Nikon D50 to take pictures of Kuwait City and the beaches in Shuweikh and stuff everyone was staring at me for some reason, I totally didn’t fit in at the public beach with my huge sunglasses, huge camera, “HIGH ON LIFE” t-shirt and 4 inch stilettos. I got a call from my mom telling me to come home but wouldn’t tell me why. So I packed up the camera and drove back home, I walked in and found my sister waiting for me I dropped my stuff and jumped on her! I haven’t seen her for the longest time since she doesn’t live here. I cancelled all my plans for the night, I’m really excited as to what this week is gonna bring!

Ferry Corsten is gonna be in Beirut on Friday.. ARMIN VAN BUREN is gonna be in Beirut in August I’m considering going since that’s when I finish working because I’m leaving to continue my studies in September… So if Armin works out I guess I’ll see you soon (S, D, A, S, H and K)

I went to the salon for a bit of pampering this weekend and she cut my skin when cutting my cuticle and it wouldn’t stop bleeding for over half an hour. I would go and check my blood for sugar levels if I wasn’t so scared of needles!

Under My Umbrella

  • I spoke to the girls 2 days ago they had just got back from Nick Warrens concert in BIEL 😦 I’m so jealous…
  • The bumper on my car is ruined
  • I thought Tursday was gonna be a holiday, we’re gonna be working half a day!
  • I wish I could fluently read and write arabic
  • I wish I could be anywhere other than Kuwait right now more than anything else in the world

On a slightly lighter note:

  • Cranberry + Ginseng = Love
  • My hair looks nice today