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The hotel we’re staying at with ‘Mumbai’ written in Hindi on the billboard

I posted around two months ago claiming D and I were leaving to India in 2 weeks well 2 weeks turned into 2 months. We finally decided to leave tomorrow, we’re really excited! I’m taking my camera with me which should turn out to be interesting. We’re gonna be there for 4 days and 3 nights, which should be enough to run around and get everything we need. The name of the hotel is The Taj Mahal Palace and Tower I heard it is one of the cleanest in Bombay, I wouldn’t stay anywhere until I’ve read ALL the reviews on Trip Advisor.

R, D and S were explaining to me how dirty it is and that’s the only thing I’m scared of… I’m going to the co-op tonight to pick up about a litre of hand-sanatizer and detol wipes. I’m dead serious.

I’m looking forward to meeting R’s family and friends since we hear so much about them but I’ve never met her Indian family only the Kuwaiti ones.

I can’t wait to eat dosa and drink gola!!

Where can I find out what vaccines to take before I go? I searched online but I get different answers. Does anyone know what to take from personal experience? And where do I go get them?


Picture from Wikipedia user: Nikkul


Satyameva Jayate

I’m leaving to India in around 2 weeks time.. Has anybody been there or know’s someone who’s been there?.. Does anyone know of any historic/touristic places that are in Bombay or close by that we could possibly squeeze in, in between all the errands we need to run?


I usually use ultra super petrol for my car but yeserday I was at a petrol station where it wasn’t available so I used super, it seems to last longer than ultra super. So why am I paying more for petrol that finishes really quickly and is more expensive? Does it really make a difference?
What petrol do you use and how many days does it usually last you?



Does anyone know why everytime I login it tells me that the authors of the blog have deleted it? Is it a wordpress glitch?

Does anyone else have this problem?