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A day in the life of (part 3)

At a restaurant:

D: What’s that?
Waiter: Onion rings
D: As in calamari?
Waiter: Umm no… As in onion rings…

D: Is it apollo 9?
Sunshine: No its apollo 7 duh!
M: You idiots it’s apollo 13…


Strawberry fields forever

The scariest thing happened to me today, I was getting dressed to go out and I called the driver and told him I was coming out in 5 minutes so I go out and he was sitting in the car and he’d left the car door open for me so I sat down, closed the door and he started driving, before we got to the end of the driveway this ‘thing’ jumped on me, I was scared shitless! I screamed so loud I think my drivers heart stopped, and I probably said every curse word in the dictionary. It was this white creature, he kept asking me what’s wrong but I was too busy cursing and was in shock so I couldn’t open the door, I screamed at him I was like “OPEN THE DOOR!!!!!!!” I’d completly forgotten the fact that my driver is egyptian and doesn’t speak a word of english, very useful since when I’m scared/nervous I can never speak in arabic. I eventually opened the door and this cat runs out of the car, poor thing she/he was so scared. The only reason I was so scared is ‘cos I had no idea it was a cat.


Title: Strawberry fields – The beatles