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A day in the life of (part 3)

At a restaurant:

D: What’s that?
Waiter: Onion rings
D: As in calamari?
Waiter: Umm no… As in onion rings…

D: Is it apollo 9?
Sunshine: No its apollo 7 duh!
M: You idiots it’s apollo 13…


A day in the life of (part2)

Me: What comes after 4?
Dalal: 3… 6… Ummm 5!!! 5!!!!


Dalal: Noor, pick a colour between 1 and 5…
Me: Emmm 7!


Me: You’re so mean!
Dalal: I’m not mean, I’m just being myself!


D: Noor… Noooor!! NOOOR!! NOOOOOOOOR!!!
Me: (Still half asleep) hmm?
D: What’s wrong with you? Do your ears stop working when you’re asleep?
Me: Emmm, naturally.


A day in the life of (Part1)

Everytime my blonde friends say something stupid I’m gonna put it here. This is part 1, you’d be surprised at the stupidity of it all.


D: What does ATM stand for?
Sunshine: Automated teller machine.
D: Oh really? (surprised look on her face) I thought it meant ‘At The Machine’
Sunshine: Dee, what do you mean At The Machine?
D: Umm like ‘At The Machine’ you get your money…


P.S: I’m not a geek, it’s just one of those stupid facts I know for no reason at all like the king of hearts in a deck of cards is the only one without a mustache.

Bombay Bombay Ka Deewana

Bombay Bombay… Where do I start?

The restaurants we ate in were beautiful, the hotel was amazing but walking in the streets was disastrous. All in all I loved it! I fell in love with the city so quickly but the amount of poverty brought me to tears, literally.
When we were driving to the hotel from the airport I was crying so much. It really made me appreciate what I have. There were families of 5 to 9 people living in 4×5 houses made of cardboard and plastic sheets. The children were naked. The same bathroom was used by over 100 homes. Piles and piles and piles of crap on the road. It was a really sad scene.
There’s so much diversity in the culture, when you walk in the streets it’s full of homeless people, beggers, cows, dogs, rats, random people peeing on the side of the road, then you walk up stairs and out of nowhere you’re in a 5 star boutique hotel surrounded by beautiful people in suits and gorgeous diamante studded sari’s.
I got sick on the first day and was always in a mood because of my stomach cramps but managed to have a good time.

We missed our flight by a minute, we had to sit on the side of the road beside the airport for a couple of hours. As soon as we got in to buy our ticket we found out it wasn’t a direct flight. It was Mumbai – Bahrain – Dubai – Kuwait. We found another flight that was leaving in about an hour which was Kuwait airways. I haven’t flown Kuwait Airways since 1999, in a nutshell the airlines hasn’t changed since. They still play the crappy old films, serve crappy food. The only good thing was the service! We had the nicest stewardesses. The guy checking us in even upgraded us to first class. The take off was terrible, the pilot thought he was in an air show. The flight was full of turbulence from the moment we took off till we landed. Landing was more like an emergency crash landing.

I loved Bombay soo much that it was quite sad leaving it… The only draw-back was the amount of dirt that I faced.

I will be adding a new page on my blog very soon with photos. More later.


The hotel we’re staying at with ‘Mumbai’ written in Hindi on the billboard

I posted around two months ago claiming D and I were leaving to India in 2 weeks well 2 weeks turned into 2 months. We finally decided to leave tomorrow, we’re really excited! I’m taking my camera with me which should turn out to be interesting. We’re gonna be there for 4 days and 3 nights, which should be enough to run around and get everything we need. The name of the hotel is The Taj Mahal Palace and Tower I heard it is one of the cleanest in Bombay, I wouldn’t stay anywhere until I’ve read ALL the reviews on Trip Advisor.

R, D and S were explaining to me how dirty it is and that’s the only thing I’m scared of… I’m going to the co-op tonight to pick up about a litre of hand-sanatizer and detol wipes. I’m dead serious.

I’m looking forward to meeting R’s family and friends since we hear so much about them but I’ve never met her Indian family only the Kuwaiti ones.

I can’t wait to eat dosa and drink gola!!

Where can I find out what vaccines to take before I go? I searched online but I get different answers. Does anyone know what to take from personal experience? And where do I go get them?


Picture from Wikipedia user: Nikkul

Let’s go, beep beep, gotta get up outta your seat!

Very eventful weekend and! Every time I sat down to write a post someone or something would sidetrack me..

Highlights of my weekend:

  • A friend came back from the UK as a surprise! (I had so much fun Teeno! And will miss you when you leave..)
  • I finally got my copy of Madonna’s Hard Candy which I’ve been listening to for a week and I will be reviewing each song soon! (Thanks TS!)
  • I OD’d on Alaska ice cream cake! (iligoo!)
  • I had my first class yesterday! It was OK but the fact that it’s AUK and the teacher was speaking in Arabic was kind of a shocker! I understood what he said but there was a few words I was like huh? The terminologies he used were in English obviously but he speaks to us in Arabic. Do you guys think I should say something to him?


Lowlights of my weekend:

  • My sister left too soon ( 😦 )
  • One of the doors on my car does not lock. Guess what that means? She’s going away again!


I’m loving these songs:

  • Incredible – Madonna
  • Beat Goes On – Madonna
  • Miles Away – Madonna
  • She’s not me – Madonna
  • I’ll be waiting – Lenny Kravitz
  • If I never see your face again – Maroon 5 featuring Rihanna
  • Take a bow – Rihanna
  • Closer – Neyo
  • Heartbeat – Scouting For Girl
  • Almost Lover – A Fine Frenzy
  • Break The Ice – Britney Spears
  • Anything But Down – Sheryl Crow
  • American Boy – Estelle
  • New Shoes – Beyonce
  • By Your Side – Yves Larock
  • Cruel Summer – Ace of Base
  • New York City – Paul Van Dyke
  • Sabotage – Paul Van Dyke
  • Can’t Sleep – A&B
  • Touch My Body – Mariah Carey


I’m addicted to:

  • Trident soft gum tropical fruit flavour
  • Chai 7aleeb (tea with milk) and a lot of sugar!
  • Bourjois’s rouge number 10 nail polish
  • The techno/dance version of Rihanna’s overplayed Umbrella
  • Summer dresses!
  • Hard Candy (album not food!)


I shall now proceed to get back to working so I can get myself out of here before the sun rises!

“… this is the closest we’ll ever get to Paris… “

I was sitting in Lenotre yesterday with D and R, I ordered the club sandwich and only had like a quarter of it so I got the rest to go ‘cos I knew I’d get hungry later at work.. R told me that in Paris it’s rude to have your food to go so I looked at her and said well we’re in Kuwait so it doesn’t really matter then she said something “… this is the closest we’ll ever get to Paris…”

We left shortly afterwards and I was driving back to the office and her words kept playing in my head “… this is the closest we’ll ever get to Paris…” when she said that she didn’t mean to go on holiday, she meant get out of Kuwait for good.. or for at least a long long time..

I got to the office, snapped out of my daze and called R and told her “No baby girl, this isn’t the closest we’ll ever get to Paris, we WILL leave one day and you can bet your 5 inch Louboutins on it”

I printed out a picture of my girls and I and pinned it on to the picture I have of the Eiffel Tower in my cubicle…