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Strawberry fields forever

The scariest thing happened to me today, I was getting dressed to go out and I called the driver and told him I was coming out in 5 minutes so I go out and he was sitting in the car and he’d left the car door open for me so I sat down, closed the door and he started driving, before we got to the end of the driveway this ‘thing’ jumped on me, I was scared shitless! I screamed so loud I think my drivers heart stopped, and I probably said every curse word in the dictionary. It was this white creature, he kept asking me what’s wrong but I was too busy cursing and was in shock so I couldn’t open the door, I screamed at him I was like “OPEN THE DOOR!!!!!!!” I’d completly forgotten the fact that my driver is egyptian and doesn’t speak a word of english, very useful since when I’m scared/nervous I can never speak in arabic. I eventually opened the door and this cat runs out of the car, poor thing she/he was so scared. The only reason I was so scared is ‘cos I had no idea it was a cat.


Title: Strawberry fields – The beatles


In a nut shell

So in a nut shell I feel like crap! I’ve been taking this medication for almost 10 days now and it is EXHILERATING I can’t sleep until the early hours of the morning and have no energy to do anything what so ever, I’m nauseated most of the time but this should all be over in 2 days…

Anywhoo! I have found my favourite drink for the summer (ironically there’s a Santa Claus on it)dsc02873

Second of all I love my BB and the feeling is mutual, I got it I think 2 years ago, before the BB craze, and I fell in love, it doesn’t have a camera, it tends to lag sometimes, some of the keys have been worn off due to excessive typing but I love it, I have almost 2 years worth of text messages in it, thousands of notes and my calendar is synced and organised to my life, I don’t think I could ever let it go, besides the Bold, storm and all the rest of them are tooo high tech for me.


I’m finally glad my hair has grown thanks to ‘fast’ (available at boots pharmacy) but since alot of people know I’m addicted to colouring my hair, I kind of dyed it black a few months ago and now no matter what colour I use it doesn’t stick except for recently when I dyed it a deep purple, so now where my roots have come out it’s a really deep red and the rest of my hair is black, it doesn’t look that bad, and you can’t notice it unless I’m in the sun AND I point it out. The only thing is I’m bored, I wanna dye my hair 😦 Any suggestions?


And last but not least I’m sure alot of you remember Angelo (my cat not the blogger) ya well he has very strange sleeping habits, he tends to sleep like a human, does any one have any cats that have weird habits like this? Angelo really likes human food, he thinks he’s a human, it worries me sometimes.


My latest addiction! Just keep in mind the following

Printing the picture at student centre – 200 fils
Petrol to drive down to the shooting range – 5 KD
Cost of a pistol and 20 9mm bullets – 6 KD
The look on the persons face when they walk in on you shooting a picture of them – PRICELESS!


Mosquito Bites, Machboos and Too Much Sun…

Spent the day at the chalet yesterday with family, it was fun.. I had the worst headache in the world tho, I fell asleep in the car and went straight to bed when I got home, I think it was the sun that got to me..

. I’m at work on a Saturday (2 weeks in a row now)
. I have a 3aza (funeral) today
. I’m having a bad hair day
. I miss driving!
. Angelo is depressed, I think he misses my sister

On a slightly lighter note…
. I’m taking the cats to get shaved, ‘cos they like playing in the garden but it’s getting too hot for them, so they stopped going out… Will post pics soon
. Someone left me something cute, somewhere.. Don’t know who it is but whoever it is thank you! 😀
. I found the string from my bracelet that means it’s at home! (Still looking for the ring that’s supposed to be attached to it!)

Monkey Man

I woke up with the worst pain ever in my stomach this morning, I thought it was because I was hungry so I went for a shower and started thinking about what I wana eat for breakfast, the mere thought of the food made me sick, I vomited for some reason.. So I thought hmm whatever I’ll just get some toast in my stomach and I’ll be fine, so I got out the shower and brushed my teeth and just as I was about to finish I vomited again… So I thought that was weird, I woke my mum up she told me to have some dry toast and a cup of tea (how british!) and I should feel better so that’s exactly what I did. Getting ready to leave the house I ran back to the bathroom and vomited again! So in less than 1 hour I vomited three times. So I went to the doctor and explained to him exactly what happened. He looked at my file and asked me “Are you single?” I said yes! He looked at me again with the weirdest look ever and said again “Are you SURE you’re single?” The nurse was also looking at me and she said “It’s ok, you don’t have to lie, we won’t tell anyone” Now I was getting pisssed off!! Seriously! I looked at him with an equally weird face and said “No I am not pregnant, Yes I am single!” Why would I take the time out of my day to lie to some dude I don’t even know? I told him to give me some drugs and I’ll be good to go… I don’t understand why a doctor would think a patient is lying to him? It’s crazy!

I think my cat is crazy! She sits outside the bathroom when I’m in the shower and as soon as I’m done she comes in and sits in the shower?! I think she likes water.. Once no one was home so I had my iPod on outside the bathroom so I left the door opened so I could hear the music.. And she walked in and sat in the shower besides my feet!! Maynoona! I swear she loves water it’s crazy!

(Download Monkey Man – Amy Winehouse)

If it makes you happy then it can’t be that bad

I’m currently curled up in bed with my laptop, something I haven’t done for a while and Angelo is curled up next to my feet! Some people like to listen to music to relax after a long day, some people like silence..  I like going to bed and putting my iPod on but not in my ears with my cats falling asleep at my feet…


What was that freaky storm all about 2 nights ago? It really gave me a fright!! I left about half an hour after the rain stopped and I saw all the signs and trees and things on the roads, it was scary… Kinda like a scene from a movie… Hmmm too bad it didn’t knock down a couple of speed cameras… I felt so out of place I was driving and listening to Lily Allen and everyone was upset and still in shock but I was so full of sunshine and I was happy (not because of the storm) If you like british pop download these songs by Lily Allen: LDN, Smile, Knock em out, Everything’s just wonderful, Take what you take..  http://lilyallenmusic.com/emi-site/site.php?page=blog – Lilys blog

Oh and I went to have a quick cup of coffee the other day at Chocolate Bar in Bidi3 and honey I don’t care if you have a body like Naomi… You just can’t wear a dress that tight… Naomi could get away with it, YOU can’t! Maybe if it wasn’t such a shocking metallic gold and you didn’t wear matching lipstick it would be better but still, that outfit was just screaming NOTICE ME!! Coming to think about it. Isn’t that what we all want? People to notice us? Why do we pause and think about what we’re gonna wear instead of just shoving anything on? Is it to look presentable? Is it to impress people? Do we act in a certain way to appeal to others? 

Anyone remember Tragic Kingdom by No Doubt?


(Pics aren’t uploading! Will upload in the morning)

You can’t help that, we’re all mad here!

These are just some random pictures I took of my cats while messing around with my camera a while ago…


(Priceless expression!)




(Just woke up)


(My man)

The quote in the title is from Alice in wonderland… Remember The cheshire cat?