Pocket Full Of Sunshine



I have no idea how I’m going to start this, I’m actually still very skeptical as to whether I should post it or not.
I just finished a lesson with my sociology professor and we were talking about gender inequality and this is a subject that really grinds my gears. Us women (especially in the Kuwaiti society) are very disadvantaged not just within the society but also within the institutions that individually make up our society.
Yes, we do have the right to vote and to run for the parliament but looking at the other institutions briefly like Religion, Gender and role playing in the family, ethnicity, wealth and income, mass media, the legal system, education etc…
What rights do we really have? Generally speaking religion dominates all the other institutions and women practically have no role in that institution in particular, unless you’re talking about The church of England for example.
Getting to my point, what I’m really trying to say is that we have been given the opportunity, the green light, the chance to prove to, maybe not the world but to this country, to all the other GCC countries that yes, we are able to move forward (Yes we can!) Women are the future of Kuwait, we do have the ability, the knowledge, the power to change.
I do not want men, women, boys, girls to question the power that us women have over change, we ARE capable, we ARE willing, we DO have the opportunity, we CAN make the change.
Your mind is a lethal weapon if used incorrectly, so all you men out there who believe that women are weaker, that women are made just to complete household chores, that women are good for nothing. Well I have a reality check for you, not just one woman in the parliament could do a good job, but several women would be even better, we could probably do the job just as good as any man out there and probably even better.
Now I’m talking to the women out there, stand for what you believe in, because I believe that not only has our power of voting been used against us eg: if we don’t vote it is frowned upon because you’ve been given the right so you should inevitably use it. Also on the other hand there are women who vote in favour of who her husband votes for. Why do you do that? Why don’t you have a voice of your own?
We are not asking to be superior to men, we just want equality, is it asking for too much?
All I’m really saying here is that we’ve been given the chance to make this change, so why don’t we do it? I, personally believe that people in the likes of Dr. Aseel Al Awadhi, Rola Dashti, Dr.Masouma Mubarek Dr.Rasha Al Sabahand Sheikha AlGhanim should be in the parliament, these women are the change I want to see in the world. Dr.Aseel Al Awadhi is somebody I strive to be even slightly like in the future, women like her give me hope and not only do I believe that she can change the books for Kuwait but for each and every woman and man out there she gives us that little bit of hope that change is out there, it is coming and she never lets me doubt that for a second. Until its my turn to be in the parliament, until it’s my turn to make the change. Dr.Aseel Al Awadhi belongs in the parliament and that is a FACT.

Don’t discriminate, don’t hate… Appreciate the chance we’ve been given.


Picture taken from Kuwait Times