Pocket Full Of Sunshine

Delete the negative ; Accentuate the positive


I wrote a whole post about how negative I’m feeling right now but ended up deleting it ‘cos I thought about it and what the hell?! I should be taking my anger out in a different way. Since I’m watching my food I can’t take it out on baking because I usually end up nibbling on the little treats I enjoy making for friends and family, so I hit the gym.

Everyday after work I go and I take it all out, I run around the running track till I feel my heart jump out of my chest. I try to stop because of the muscle pain but Armin keeps me going, although most of his songs that I enjoy don’t have that many spoken words I still feel like the music talks to me and tells me something along the lines of “keep running, don’t stop” eventually after a couple of laps I end up giving in to the stitch in my side and stop running.

In the past week I have learnt that:

  • Someone is always in a worse situation then you are
  • Try your best not to sweat the little things in life, if you do, don’t let it take over you completly
  • If you get the chance to say what’s on your mind, take it, don’t stop to think
  • It’s not that hard to have no sugar with your coffee


  • If you’re feeling down, have one of D’s PB&J sandwiches and bitch to your hearts content ♥

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