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This or that?

So, I’m officially ending my love-hate relationship with NBK. I hated NBK for the longest time, but there are a handful of employees who make me change my mind about it, the kind that are too nice. The kind that really go out of there way to help out. And I have faced 3 like that at NBK but realised that they’re too nice to work in NBK.

Any how… The question is where do I open an account?

These are my choices:


I have no past experiences with any of them but I called Al Ahli up to ask about their accounts in details after going on their website and the woman who answered the phone sounded like she hadn’t had her morning coffee yet and took a shot of PMS before leaving the house… She even answered the phone with Aloo.. Nothing else, which I thought was weird because I called their hotline not a particular branch.
She pissed me off, I will probably take them off the list unless I hear really good things about them.

For me, all it takes is one person to piss me off and that’s it…

Past experiences with any of these banks would be highly appreciated! Thank you…


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  1. * MAZE says:

    u better come to my bank..:P

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 11 months ago

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