Pocket Full Of Sunshine

Choowy Goowy!

So to say I’ve had a couple of bad days would be an understatement yesterday so I decided with a colleague of mine to order Choowy Goowy cookies and brownies.

The choowy goowy dude called me at 8:53 and I was asleep (I’m supposed to be at work at 9). So basically if he didn’t call I would have never made it to work. I will leave you with some pictures and things people said after tasting them:


S: Are they nice?
D: Re-phrase your question to how nice are they?

D: It’s like an explosion of mini orgasms in my mouth

And the long silence with the infamous mmmmmm after a while

N: Don’t talk to me right now, I’m savouring this moment!


Personally, Rocky Road is my favorite there is no other cookie/brownie/cupcake in the WORLD that tops it! The Choco Loco is nice but doesn’t stay as soft as Rocky Road after a while so is best eaten fresh. The brownies were heavenly, but we asked for caramel sauce which in my opinion would taste better with brownies but it wasn’t available at the time that we ordered. The chocolate sauce tastes amazing but could use a little work, not in the taste but in the texture, it’s too runny, but nevertheless delicious!

Suggestion: Try implementing the rocky road recipe into a brownie! Mmmm toffee with marshmallows in a brownie!



Choowy Goowy’s number: 2626559

But make sure you make your order one day in advance! You will not regret it! Trust me!


Tick tock tick tock

14 minutes left… The tension is killing me

One Step Forward & Two Steps Back

So… I was sitting in my car in the parking lot of my local co-op waiting for someone and I saw this guy come out of the car with his wife, they went to the back seat and took two twin boys (around 1 year olds) out of the baby seat I looked at them sighed and smiled to myself…
I snapped out of it and said
“NO! Focus! Focus!! That’s not what you want”

So here I am standing on stage in front of random people that I don’t even know:

“My name is Sunshine I’m a member of BA (Babys Anonymous) … And I’m addicted to babies”

There, I said it…

On a slightly lighter note. Pink Moon got these new Rachel Leigh bracelets they’re soo cute! I’ll take a picture of mine and upload it tomorrow! They’re at the counter on the right side.

I joined a gym as if I need more things in my scheduale to keep me busy… It keeps me focused, which is good.

On another slightly lighter note I found a really cute pic of me and my grandad on my computer at home thought I’d share… Lol don’t laugh at my hair (Miss him more than words can describe :*)

 On a not so light note – back to work tomorrow

Rethought and Revisited

I’ve wanted to write something meaningful in all my previous posts but was faced with writers block. So here I am, sitting in my ridiculously boring office staring at a blank page. I’m just gonna write what comes to my mind and try my best not to edit this.

I was always the maternal one, since I was a kid, I dreamed of my perfect white wedding. I want the big house on the sea, 2 dozen children… But coming to think about it now… Is that what I really want? I thought about it, and I came to the conclusion that no, that’s not what I want.

All my life I’ve dreamt of the above, now that I’m older I realised that I want to live my life, I wanna be free, I wanna travel with my girls to all the countries that I haven’t been to yet, I wanna fill my passport to the last page. I want to work, I want to be successful.

I used to want a ring on my finger, a ring to represent my love for that significant other (who’s face is still a question mark as he walks down the aisle to the kosha)
It’s a hard thing to admit but no I don’t anymore. I don’t know if I’m just rambling or if these words are really coming from my heart of hearts. All I know is that in the past two weeks I’ve grown up a lot and have changed my view of life and realised all my priorities were set wrong.


I’m gonna tell you about love…

Calling all Madonna fans!

I don’t know if it’s just me, but everytime I hear the opening of The Confessions Tour when Madonna comes out of the disco ball I get a shiver down my back, exactly 3 minutes and 12 seconds into the song…

I’m sure Maze know’s what I’m talking about!

So tell me… If you’re a Madonna fan what are your favourite lines from her songs? If you’re not a hardcore fan then what song of hers did you enjoy?

I will post mine after you guys 😀

Confide In Me

“I can keep a secret
And throw away the key
Confide in me”

~Confide in me – Kylie Minogue

One for the record!

I was parked some place in the city this morning waiting for someone to bring me something and there was a police car parked infront of me with no-one in it. So the policeman and friend walk out of the building and get into the car (mind you the policeman looked me in the eye). So I was playing around with my iPod ‘cos I was bored, out of nowhere I felt my car jolt. I look up only to find Mr Policemans car rammed up my front bumper. I got out and he said I quote:

“Intai da3amtay feeni wila ana da3im feech?” (For the non arablish speakers: “Did I crash into you or did you crash into me?”)

I explained to him that my car had been on park for the past 5 minutes and he can even ask the security guard who let me into the parking lot.

“Enzayn ana asif” (Ok then I’m sorry)

I looked at him, gave him my WHATEVER look and got back into my car.

On a lighter note I painted my nails a shocking shade of fuschia/peach/orange! It’s so amazing I can’t tell what colour it is! I’m officially in love! (with the colour that is) AND I’m leaving Kuwait pretty pretty soon!

I’m keeping myself busy with things that matter rather than petty petty issues that I shouldn’t be thinking of!


What I’m doing: Supposed to be studying

Who I’m with: There’s a few people around

What I’m wearing: Grey tracks, Turquoise Havaianas, Fluorescent fuchsia vest top and turquoise cardigan

Bare feet or Slippers: Slippers

Last thing that annoyed me: A very annoying co worker

Color of nails: Black!

Favorite Phone Brand: CrackBerry

Favorite Song: Right now it’s probably Incredible – Madonna

Favorite Singer: Madonna… Duh!

Favorite Movie: Anything good, I’m not picky but I don’t like action or war movies

Favorite Book: right now my book about sociology…

Mac or Windows: I have windows but I prefer working on mac

Sweet or Salty: right now… probably something sweet

Heels or Flats: Flats everyday but Heels when I go out with my girls

Pants or Skirts: Dresses & track pants

Shoes or Sandals: Sandals

Ipod or Radio: iPod

Coke or Pepsi: Diet Pepsi!

Spicy or Sour: Spicy..

Family or Friends: Both

Paris or London: London is London… But Paris is aaah Paris

UK or US: UK

Starbucks or Costa: Starbucks

Tea or Coffee: I love both equally

Last person who called me: Home

Last person I called: Rasha

Plans for today: Night out on the town

Person I miss: Sous Perer, Toots and a couple more

Where I’d rather be: In Lebanon

Who I want to be with: Sous

What I’m thinking right now: The song I’m listening to and the memory that comes along with it

Last meal I had: I don’t do… food…

What I’m eating/drinking right now: Water with lemon

Sunshine or Lights: Sunshine… definitely Sunshine

Pictures in wallet or Pictures in phone: They’re stuck all over my dressing mirror

Favorite Magazine: Arabic – Thouq & Adam and Eve .. English – Vogue & Cosmopolitan

Favorite Brand: I’m very random when it comes to dressing, I like combining vintage with new, Fluorescent with Dull… You get the picture

Dehn 3ood or Perfume: Mmm.. Dehn 3ood is nice but not everyday… but for daily I would say bukhoor with Coco mademoiselle

Favorite Women’s Perfume: Coco mademoiselle

Favorite Men’s Perfume: Silver Shadow – Davidoff and Jean Paul Gaultier

Gucci or Dior: None! They’re both over rated.. But if I were to pick I would probably say Gucci

Gold or Silver: Gosh.. Both! I love combining them

Pearls or Diamonds: I adore pearls, but diamonds are a girls best friend! So I would have to say diamonds

Straight or Curly: It’s curly, very curly… And it represents who I am!

Why I’m doing this: Because I’m the queen and I can do whatever I want 😀

Come together

I wish I lived in the 60’s

I wish I was a hippie

I wish I had no cares in the world