Pocket Full Of Sunshine

My Little Croissant

This video is beyond funny!

Thanks N for the video!


Storm? No Storm?

Is there a storm outside? I’m sitting in the basement, all I can see is dust!

I’m walking on sunshine

I left work at around 7 last night and went straight to The Avenues to meet my friends… D and I went shopping before everyone showed up for dinner.. I bought a couple of basics that I needed for the summer. I got a couple of track pants and 3 pairs of shoes, and tank tops in a couple of different colours..  We ate in Al Forno, in general their food was okay but sometime in the middle of the meal the table next to us ordered a sea-food dish, and it was still smoking when they brought it, everything ended up smelling like fish for a good half an hour.

A friend sent me a quiz (What is the theme song for your life?) and I got the song “I’m walking on sunshine… You are an extremely positive person. This is a good thing, but don’t let people take advantage of your good nature!”

Someone got me a bracelet that is a 50 fils with two holes in it and orange (my favorite colour!) string holding it together, how sweet! Thanks O! I will find out the name of the place and post it here!


What just happened outside?! my office just turned yellow!

We’ll all stay skinny ‘cos we just won’t eat!

We have a friend visiting us from India and we’re taking him out for dinner tonight, no idea where to go.. He doesn’t eat sushi or meat! It was so funny yesterday we were on Salmiya high street and he said ” You guys lied to me!! You do have alcohol in Kuwait… Look there’s a bar” As he pointed to N Bar! Poor thing! lol..

So I need a good place to go eat that has plenty of vegetarian dishes and pastas and stuff! Before 8 O Clock tonight!! Please don’t say Casper & Gambinis or La Piazza or anything in “that” area! ‘Cos we’re sick of it, we go there all the time!!

H: Kito aja ranjana ve thukthi roz charke lol!


I’ve found that as soon as I open Adobe Illustrator I get sucked in and I don’t notice anything happening around me. So I had my headphones on and before I knew it I didn’t even realise what songs were playing. So as I was working I came across this band called Creed and Crossfade on iTunes that I’d never heard before and I fell in love with them almost instantly.. I’m a rock music fan, I’m not hard core though, I’ll listen to it but I won’t buy the albums (Except for P.O.D!) .. I would download the music though..

I’m still contemplating if I like this version or not, his voice sounds kinda off when he starts, the embed is disabled on the original so here’s the link!

I think the guy is soo HOT!! (the lead singer)

Creed – With Arms Wide Open , One Last Breath, Six Feet From the Edge
Crossfade- Cold, So Far Away

12 hours and 20 minutes left…

. I’m stuck between either buying my Mac Book from Kuwait with the arabic and english keys or ordering it online with only the english keys

. I have no car to get to and from work

. I lost my favorite bracelet.

. I registered for that course at AUK – gonna keep a low profile to avoid any drama

. I miss Matilda (my car) so much it’s unbelievable

. I really need to go buy a camera

. I need to shop for the summer

and last but certainly not least I need to get out of Kuwait ASAP

Trust me, I won’t make “anothar amestak” and call you!

Last night I decided to sort out my SMS messages on my mobile, since my mobile has lots and lots of memory I never delete a message. I found these messages that made me laugh, I remember it was this number that I called by mistake and the guy kept calling back and sending messages here are two of them:

SMS 1 – For first time i askd god why dont make me monera or even shakira to have achans to talk with this crizy waild voise Pliz make anothar amestak and call

SMS 2 – Lots of story pegen one some one feel that he is alon or he feel boring the proplem u have both you need astorm of change to feel alif again even

I would have taken a picture of my screen and uploaded it if wordpress would let me upload pictures!!


I went for a drive yesterday with a Nikon D50 to take pictures of Kuwait City and the beaches in Shuweikh and stuff everyone was staring at me for some reason, I totally didn’t fit in at the public beach with my huge sunglasses, huge camera, “HIGH ON LIFE” t-shirt and 4 inch stilettos. I got a call from my mom telling me to come home but wouldn’t tell me why. So I packed up the camera and drove back home, I walked in and found my sister waiting for me I dropped my stuff and jumped on her! I haven’t seen her for the longest time since she doesn’t live here. I cancelled all my plans for the night, I’m really excited as to what this week is gonna bring!

Ferry Corsten is gonna be in Beirut on Friday.. ARMIN VAN BUREN is gonna be in Beirut in August I’m considering going since that’s when I finish working because I’m leaving to continue my studies in September… So if Armin works out I guess I’ll see you soon (S, D, A, S, H and K)

I went to the salon for a bit of pampering this weekend and she cut my skin when cutting my cuticle and it wouldn’t stop bleeding for over half an hour. I would go and check my blood for sugar levels if I wasn’t so scared of needles!

A squirrel is just a rat with a cuter outfit!

I wrote a post about a song this morning, it must’ve disappeared. Oh well the song is called mercy it’s by a Norweigen singer called Duffy, she sings soul music and she’s pretty good at it, she has a very strong voice. The video has a 50’s feel to it which I love. I always wanted to be around 25 in either the 70’s or 50’s

The second video is Pocket Full of Sunshine by Natasha Bedingfield. I adore this song, I wish I had a parachute stashed in my bag then jump when I feel like it.

Wen† to avenues in my lunch break, ate at ZwZ (Haloum & Bacon wrap – okay, but not as good as ZwZ in Bliss Street!!) TON wanted to pick something up from a shop downstairs, we passed by Etoile Jeans, it’s a store that brings random designers like Faith (clothes not shoes), Seven Jeans, Paul Frank, Polo and they have Havaianas, I picked up a couple of Tshirts from Paul Frank for the summer. The Havaianas that were originally for 40 KD now go for around 1.5 KD to 3 KD. According to the woman that worked there they were closing their shop down and moving somewhere else..

Why won’t wordpress let me upload any pictures?!