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In Between

I’ve always loved Paul Van Dyk but when he released his album In Between it took my love for him to another level, he released it mid August 2007. He collaborated with a few different vocalists, Ashley Tomberlin’s voice is beautiful and she does the vocals for my three favorite songs from the album (New york city, Get Back and Complicated). Let Go is also an amazing song from the album, it has a very rock feel to it, you’ll love it if you’re into rock music (which most trance lovers are) If you’re into trance music you should really consider buying or even downloading his album, all the songs are amazing they just need getting used to and as soon you know the words you’ll be addicted to the album. It has been playing non-stop on my iPod in the car. It’s very addictive and the perfect remedy for a bad day is a long high way, fast car and PVD playing on loud. Below is the track list with the stars beside the songs that I love.

  1.  Haunted
  2. White Lies ***
  3. Sabotage ***
  4. Complicated ***
  5. Get Back ***
  6. Far Away
  7. Another Sunday
  8. Talk In Grey
  9. In Circles
  10. In Between ***
  11. Stormy Skies
  12. Detournement
  13. New York City ***
  14. Castaway ***
  15. La Dolce Vita
  16. Let Go ***
  17. Fall With Me

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